Mobile Disinfectant Machine

The current reality in the battle against the novel virus where lockdown has been eased and people are allowed to go about their day to day business with certain restrictions still requires additional measures.

Product Overview

If current measures are deeply adhered to, it will go a long way to produce great results and gradually flatten the curve of confirmed cases however, we can’t ignore the fact that there will be someone people who will defy intentionally or ignorantly. On this basis, we are proposing a solution that when broadly deployed, can radically reduce the human to human transmission rate.

Viamor by Ultimus is a safe, efficient, mobile, and flexible large flow disinfectant and temperature measurement equipment.

Viamor is a dynamic system with face recognition, 100% accurate temperature measurement stored in real-time for analysis, and a disinfection chamber that within 5-15 seconds of stay time, effectively disinfects the body and clothing from all bacteria and viruses.

Low Power Usage

With a rated power of 900watts, a mini solar panel can be installed for use in public places.

Automated Alarm

The system is designed in a way that triggers immediate alarm once an individual’s temperature is above normal.

Data Processing

With the automated image capturing and temperature data storage, the information can be analyzed daily for appropriate measures.

Low Risk

However, when manually controlled, everything is dependent on the personnel with the hope that they were in the right frame of mind to be efficient which is a major risk

How it Works

The disinfectant chamber uses a unique system that converts the disinfectant into moist which fills the entire chamber and never allows the clothes to get wet but effectively disinfects the body.

Operation Spot

Place where disinfection occurs.

Moveable Tyres

It is a movable device with rolling tyres.

Main Entrance

Route of Entry into the disinfectant channel.


Process of measuring body temperature.

It has been widely deployed across several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Korea, Dominica, China, UAE, and Viet Nam. This system can be used in different public spaces from hospitals, banks, factories to airports, construction sites, and many more. Whilst we have specific models, we can also customize based on needs and preferences.

School Model

  • Customized Camera Height And Channel Width
  • Multi-Point Flexible Control, Three-Dimensional Security Of Campus.
  • Mobile Terminal Operation, Convenient And Rich Campus Applications.
  • Establish Database.

Enterprise Model

  • Contactless Face Temperature Measurement, Atomization Disinfection
  • Real-Time Analysis, Intelligent Early Warning Of Personnel Gathering
  • Punch-In By Face Connecting With Employee Attendance System
  • Multi-Dimensional Data Statistics And Automatic Data Upload

Hospital Model

  • Fast Scanning And Contactless Detection To Improve Screening Efficiency
  • Fast Mobile Deployment With No Dead Ends
  • Can Be Connected To Big Data Centers Of Major Hospitals
  • Cross-System Linkage Analysis To Assist Epidemic Prevention And Control

Smart Temperature Measurement And Disinfection Channel

Design Concept

  • The Non-contact design
  • Automatic Control
  • Face recognition access control
  • High accuracy of infrared temperature measurement
  • Sole disinfection
  • Date background refresh

Usage Flow

  • FIVE seconds fast passing
  • Flexible assembly and disassembly
  • Rapid deployment

Applicable Scenes

Infection Prevention, Safety Guarantee









Enterprise & Institutions


Construction Sites




Shopping Malls