Ever wondered why getting pure, fresh air, even when outside, has become increasingly hard with each passing day? Well, degradation of the ecosystem is most like the reason for this.

Ecosystem degradation is the retrogression of the ecosystem through the exhaustion of resources like air, water and soil. It is any change in the ecosystem that could be detrimental to the organisms in it. This change could lead to extinction of species, air, water and soil pollution amongst other effects.

This article is a focus on the causes of ecosystem degradation.

Causes of Ecosystem Degradation

  • Contamination

Regardless of whatever form it comes in, whether air, water or land, contamination is harmful to the ecosystem.

  • Toxic Waste Sites

These waste dump sites contaminate the environment and negatively affects the general outlook of the environment. As a result of the large amount of waste generated by industries, factories and households, waste dump sites are found in different parts of cities like Lagos; and as functional as we may think them to be, they pose health risks to the environments and its inhabitants as the foul smell when incinerated causes considerable degradation of the environment.

  • Overpopulation

With the emergence of advanced medical services which has brought about increased lifespan, mortality rate has dwindled and caused overpopulation. When an environment is excessively populated, there is more demand for food, clothes, shelter amongst other needs, which put more pressure than is absolutely necessary on natural resources and lead to environmental degradation like deforestation.

  • Deforestation

Cutting down trees to make space to build on is called deforestation. Often times, deforestation arises as a result of urbanization and overpopulation. While creating room for shelter for everyone may seem like a great idea, cutting down trees to achieve this is definitely not, because reducing the size of forests puts back carbon in the atmosphere which promotes global warming.

  • Other Natural Causes

Humans are not totally to blame for the degradation of the ecosystem as the earth itself causes ecological problems like earthquakes, storm, tidal waves, avalanche, volcanic eruption, wildfires, amongst other natural disturbances. What this means is that degradation is bound to happen eventually with or without human interference.

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